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Aerospace, Defence & Space
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Rockman has been a component supplier to major OEM’s for high-end luxury / Electric Vehicles. As a result, we have undertaken projects requiring complete tooling design, tooling manufacture, component prototyping, and production of structural and/or aesthetic components., These project dealt with prototyping, mass production, and medium production.

We have manufactured Carbon / Glass / Hybrid Prepreg based components involving various types of core materials, metal inserts, riveting etc. Over the years Rockman has executed numerous full car body parts projects & below is a list of the types of components manufactured by us.

  • Front / Rear Bumpers
  • Hoods
  • Front / Rear Door Claddings
  • Rear wings
  • Spoilers
  • Rear Door Carriers
  • Diffusers
  • Front Fenders
  • Radiator Feed Ducts
  • Radiator Exit Ducts
  • Rear/ Front Door Casings
  • Dash Panels
  • Exhaust Casings
  • Wheel inserts
  • Fuel Tank casings
  • Battery Covers & Many more components


Rockman has recently (Aug 2019) started supplying Carbon Fiber & Glass Fiber bike kits to a leading European Superbike manufacturer. This project involved right from prepreg material selection, tooling & Jig designing, tooling & Jig manufacturing, components prototyping and production of components. We have also been manufacturing various components for bicycles including mainframes & swing arms, with the lightest manufactured carbon fiber main frame being just 0.8 kg.


We have manufactured Carbon / Glass Prepreg based components including component assembly & bonding activities. Below is the list of the components manufactured for Motorbikes / Bicycles by us.

  • Front Fairing Lower Covers
  • Tail Covers
  • Lower Cover Under Saddle
  • Lower Fairings
  • Tail Fairing
  • Cover Ducts
  • Front Mudguards
  • Rear Mudguards
  • Front Fairings
  • Air Outlets
  • Bicycle frames
  • Bicycle swing arms & many more components


Rockman has always catered to the motorsports industry since the inception of the company. We at Rockman understand the need for quick response & high reactivity for motorsports projects. Engineers and well-trained staff can provide a quick response to every customer’s needs, from tooling design to parts manufacturing.


Since the inception of the company we have always catered to the motorsports industry. Recently, we provided complete body kits for a leading American car manufacturer at a prestigious US motorsports racing event. Apart from that we regularly supply various parts manufactured from carbon /
Glass / Hybrid Prepreg based components involve various types of core materials, metal inserts, riveting etc. & below is the list of the types of components provided by us.

  • Side Pods
  • Roll Hoops
  • Rear Wings / Winglets
  • Spoilers
  • Louver Panels
  • Monocoque chassis
  • Front / Rear Bumpers
  • Fuel Tank casings
  • Hoods
  • Front / Rear Door Claddings
  • Radiator Feed/Exit Ducts
  • Diffusers & Many more components


We are AS9100D, ISO 9001 certified & are committed to the requirements of Aerospace, Defense & Space application based projects. We have strong process control procedures with QR code based ERP system for work orders, data monitoring & control.


We have been supplying drone / Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) blades since early 2017 & from early 2019 we have started making carbon fiber based components along with in-house tooling for Indian government PSUs like Indian Space Research Organization & Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. We are also currently executing an order for complete carbon fiber wing box & fuselage assembly for an aerospace customer. This order included in-house tooling design & manufacturing, in-house jig design & manufacturing, component manufacturing & assembly. Below is a list of some of the components we supply.

  • Wing box
  • Fuselage
  • Drone / Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) blade.
  • Carbon fiber Aircraft Seat frames
  • Carbon fiber Tooling Boards
  • Carbon fiber S- bends
  • Carbon fiber tubes



We at Rockman are co-developing many products for Railways & Marine applications. Two of our current products are in the developmental stage. We are co-developing fire retardant Glass fiber panel with silicone rubber (co cured) for metro railway application with a leading European railway OEM supplier. In the second quarter of 2020, mass production begin. A carbon fiber table for a super luxury yacht is another product we offer.


Below is a list of some of the components we supply.

  • Glass fiber panels with silicone rubber for metro railway application
  • OAR Blades for marine application
  • Table for a superyacht


In order to convert an original aluminium casting into carbon composite, we have machined and fabricated parts that were made of aluminum. This included conceptual thinking, FEA, component and tooling design all by Rockman Advanced Composite. The original part weight was 54.5kgs & all carbon composite part weight was 18kgs.


A medical OEM in the US was supplied with components to mount overhead lights in operation rooms. The following is a list of our component suppliers.

  • Carbon fiber medical boom
  • Carbon fiber medical end cap


Rockman has been serving the renewable energy segment since 2015. We have been making mainly glass prepreg materials & also carbon prepreg based components viz., wind turbine blades, winglets & solar panel back panels. It was 7.3m long and made out of glass fiber and Prepreg.


We have been co- developing various types of wind turbine blades / winglets with a UK based wing energy company, manufactured more than 8 varieties of blades types till date. We have also been supplying solar panel back panels made out of glass fiber to one of the major American solar panel manufacturers. Below is a list of the types of components we supply.

  • Wind turbine blades
  • Ice Keeper panel


The ability of carbon fiber to lighten the weight without compromising strength and aesthetics has given Rockman many opportunities to make multiple components for Luxury, Sport & other industrial applications.


We at Rockman have been manufacturing / offering complete solutions to various luxury goods, sporting goods, and industrial goods industries. Below is a list of the types of components we supply.

  • Speaker Casings
  • Oil Casings
  • Ice Keeper panel
  • Sandwich panels
  • Clock bases & cases
  • Carbon fiber table & many more components.
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