Rockman has always been catering to the motorsports industry right from the inception of the company. We at Rockman very well understand the requirement of quick response & high reactivity for the motorsports projects. Our engineers and well-trained staff can provide a quick response to every customer’s need right from tooling designing to the parts manufacturing in shortest span possible.

racing car

Since the inception of the company we have always catered to the motorsports industry. We have supplied complete body kits to one of the prestigious US based motorsports racing event to a leading American car manufacturer very recently. Apart from that we regularly supply various parts manufactured from Carbon /

Glass / Hybrid Prepreg based components involving various types of core materials, metal inserts, riveting’s etc. & below is the list of the types of components supplied by us.

  • Side Pods
  • Rear Wings / Winglets
  • Louver Panels
  • Front / Rear Bumpers
  • Hoods
  • Radiator Feed/Exit Ducts
  • Roll Hoops
  • Spoilers
  • Monocoque chassis
  • Fuel Tank casings
  • Front / Rear Door Claddings
  • Diffusers & Many more components
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