At Rockman, our people are our most valuable asset, embodying the very essence of our organization and human resources. Our HR practices are rooted in the belief of fostering a high-performance culture that offers abundant opportunities for personal growth. We provide an open and stimulating environment that empowers our People to unlock their full potential and excel in all aspects of their professional journey.

Work-Life Balance
Equal opportunity employer
Ample Opportunities for Growth and Self-Development


Rockman Advanced Composite’s culture thrives on seeking latest technology trends to radically change the way we design products and make decisions. Founded in 2007, Rockman Advanced Composite’s is focused on adopting and developing methods to optimize designs and meet customer essentials. Our passion is developing and applying technology in new and inventive ways to help our clients succeed through increased innovation intelligence. We strongly believe that bringing magnificent design ideas and bespoke manufacturing technology together is a best way to create a colossal carbon fibre product. We innovate constantly in the way we design, the products we create and the techniques we develop them with. We aggressively employ our product development methods, leveraging high-performance carbon-fibre parts, so that we can play an enabling role in the great things our clients are accomplishing. 



Rockman : Unite and Ignite!

Unleashing the Vibrant Spirit of Fun and Togetherness! From our exhilarating “Family Mela” to thrilling sports activities, we ignite the passion within our Rockman family. We create an electrifying atmosphere, where employees and their families showcase their talents and bond in a kaleidoscope of festivities. Join us as we rock the workplace with an unwavering spirit of joy and unity!

“Fun Unites – Work Excites – Play Ignites”

Fiber-fueled Stories

Training And Development

In a dynamic and demanding business landscape, we prioritize the continuous enhancement and development of employee skills to ensure the delivery of competitive products. Unleashing their full potential ids at the core of Rockman’s Values.

We adopt a systematic onboarding process to warmly welcome new team members, ensuring they gain a comprehensive understanding of Rockman’s Vision, Mission, and Values. With genuine passion and deep comprehension, we imbue them with the essence of Rockman’s values.

Life @ Rockman
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